Tatts Lotto in Australia

TattsLotto is the first lottery in Australia with the classic European 6-of-45 model. NSW, South, and Western Australian players call it Saturday Lotto, and Queensland lotto lovers know it as Gold Lotto. Within about 50 years, the TattsLotto has been broadcasted in all regions, and nowadays it stays a favorite Saturday entertainment. Tatts cooperates closely with the Victorian Commission of Gambling and Liquor Regulation to provide the best and safest gambling experience.

History of Tatts Lotto 

The first TattsLotto draw was held in 1972. In several years, the lottery got 2 supplementary numbers and increased its regular jackpot to 4,000,000 AUD. In 2016, TattsLotto accompanied by other Tatts lotteries was incorporated into the Lott brand group. In a short time, TattsLotto established superdraws, in 2020 the record superdraw was shared among 27 winners.

How Are Tatts Lotto Played?

The Tatts Lotto draws are played on Saturdays at 7:30 p.m. During a draw, 6 winning and 2 supplementary numbers are taken from a 45-ball set. The aim is to correctly predict 3-6 of these 8 balls. The winnings for each combination are the following:

  • 6 balls - from 4,000,000 AUD;
  • 5 balls + 1 sup. ball - 8,000-20,000 AUD;
  • 5 balls - 500-1,000 AUD;
  • 4 balls - 20-30 AUD;
  • 3 balls + 1 sup. ball - 10-20 AUD;
  • 3 balls - about 10 AUD.

The winner who has 6 matched numbers hits a jackpot. If there are several winners they get equal shares of a jackpot. The Tatts operator frequently holds Superdraws with jackpots of about 20,000,000 AUD and Megadraws with jackpots up to 40,000,000 AUD. The total prize pool is approximately 70% of all Tatts tickets cost, bought for the current draw. 

As for TattsLotto results NSW, Victorian, and other Australian players may read them an hour after the draw.

TattsLotto AU Odds

The TattsLotto winning odds are determined by a chance of drawing several certain balls in one combination. A player has to guess 6 numbers of 45 with 2 supplementary ones. The bigger combination in TattsLotto Australia means fewer odds but bigger winning:

  • 6 balls - 1:8,145,060;
  • 5 balls + 1 sup. ball - 1:678,755;
  • 5 balls - 1:36,690;
  • 4 balls - 1:733;
  • 3 balls + 1 supplementary ball - 1:298;
  • 3 balls - 1:53.

On average, the odds for any winning is 1:42. 

To create tickets, Victorian, Queensland and NSW TattsLotto players may use quick-pick for 12, 18, 24, 36 and 50 games or choose balls by themselves, using hot and cold indicators for frequent and rare numbers. Due to big data statistics, choosing any special balls does not influence your winning odds. However, jackpot winners tell frequently that have chosen some meaningful numbers.

The Australian TattsLotto system tickets increase your odds. System 20 ticket has 1:2.5 chances for minimum winning, though it costs a thousand times more than a minimum prize.

If you purchase tickets as a part of syndicate play, your odds increase in orders, but winnings will be shared with other players.

How Much Does Tatts Lotto Tickets Cost?

Before looking for TattsLotto shop near me, visit the Lotto official site where you can easily buy tickets for the same prices.

The prices vary a lot depending on the game and draw quantities:

  • 4-50 games;
  • 1-10 draws.

The minimum standard TattsLotto ticket for 4 games and 1 draw costs 3.30 AUD. The most expensive ticket for 50 games and 10 draws costs 414 AUD.

System tickets may be of 2 following kinds:

  • pick ones of 4-5 balls;
  • system ones of 7-20 balls.

Lotto Tatts NSW, South and West-Australian players may buy the cheapest system 7 tickets for 1 game for 5.80 AUD. The most expensive tickets of system 20 for 50 games exceed the jackpot amount. But the system ticket price is limited to 50,000 AUD, therefore, in Australia TattsLotto system 18-20 tickets may have very few sets and cover 1-2 draws only.

Who Can Play Tatts Lotto?

TattsLotto AU can be played by any gambler who is 18 or more years old, remains in the Australian territory, and does not have juridical or medical restrictions. To start playing, you need to register and pass KYC, therefore, to prove your age and place of residence.

Tatts doesn't forbid playing its lotteries to foreign citizens on Australian territory. Therefore, they can buy Tatts Lotto tickets by themselves during trips or use mediator services when the local habitant buys tickets for them. The purchase can be made on the operator's site using Tatts login or at NSW, Queensland, or Victorian TattsLotto regional retailers.

How to Buy TattsLotto Ticket?

You can buy lotto tickets at a Tatts player profile, on a mediator, or on a retailer. 

To buy a ticket on the Tatts Lotto site:

  • click the purple Join button;
  • enter your email, create a password, and Tatts lotto login;
  • add your name, birth date, address, phone number, and player's card if you have it;
  • finish the registration and enter your player profile;
  • transfer money to your bankroll from a credit card or e-wallet;
  • at the main site menu, click the Play button, then Tatts Lotto;
  • choose a type of play among quick, standard, consistent and syndicate play;
  • depending on the type, select numbers, games and draws;
  • add the ticket to your basket and confirm the purchase.

You may watch the draw online translation, and read the results on the site or at the retailer's vitrine. 

How to Receive Tatts Lotto Prize?

In general, winnings are paid by ticket sellers and on the operator site, just make TattsLotto online login and claim it. You can also receive your winning by post. Winnings of 600 AUD and more are paid by special conditions.

Payment Method



Player account



Retail store, NSW and Capital


Up to 1,000 AUD

Retail store, others


Up to 1,500 AUD




Head Office 


From 1,000 AUD

Jackpots can be received at the Head Office. The Tatts administration contacts you immediately in the case of the digital ticket, or you have to call on 131 868 by yourselves.

Tatts Lotto for Mobile

You can play Tatts Lotto and claim your winnings on the site and on mobile devices. The operator has mobile apps for both Android 5 or newer and iOS 10 or newer. 


What sets the physical lottery apart from the online lottery?

Physical lotteries are authorized retailers authorized to sell tickets by public or private lotteries. To collect your lottery prizes, you must go to them – typically small local businesses – fill out the paperwork, and handle the paper tickets with extreme caution. Online lotto draws are ones that let you participate from home and submit claims using tickets purchased online through websites offered by licensed lottery agents, distributors, or lottery betting sites.

What are SA X lotteries? Can I participate in them through Lottery Near Me?

You have the chance to win a piece of a Division 1 prize pool of an estimated $5 Million every Saturday by playing the Saturday X Lotto! Also, there are superdraws, boosted lottery SA games with a Division 1 prize pool of $20 Million or more. Unfortunately, Lotto Near Me doesn’t offer tickets for the Saturday X game lotto. Instead, you can participate in such play-from-home lotteries SA as Tatts online or Gold Lotto.

How will I get my prize money?

If you win a smaller reward, we will credit it to your account. If you win a larger prize, we will arrange for you to pick up your gift in person. Your whole gains are given to you commission-free!

Is it secure to participate in lotteries online?

As our many happy clients can attest, your online gaming is 100% safe with us. We guarantee your privacy and safeguard your personal data as well as account transactions.

Is there a global online lottery available?

Yes! You may play the lotto online with ease and enter the largest as well as most thrilling daily and weekly draws and even home lotto games whenever you choose.

What’s the biggest lotto prize a player has ever received?

The current world record is the 2.04 billion jackpot won in Powerball in November 2022.

How likely is it to win a lottery?

According to the game and the chosen numbers, different lottery odds apply. In a typical 6/49 lottery, there is a 1 in 13,983,816 chance that you will choose all six winning numbers. The odds for 5/70 games with an additional ball (1/25) are around 1 in 300,000,000.

How should I proceed if I won the lottery?

Online lotto Australia winnings for modest amounts are automatically deposited to your Lotto Near Me account. If you win more money, the operator will make arrangements for you to pick up your award in person. You must verify by dialing the lottery number or login into your account.

How do I choose my lottery numbers?

Choose random numbers for the lottery that are not consecutive or from the same group. Also, make an effort to avoid selecting the vast majority of digits between 1 and 31.

Which digits have the best chance of winning the lott?

There is an equal chance that any given number will be picked. For instance, the most popular Powerball numbers are 10, 39, 42, 28, 22, and 16. For other games, the set will differ.