LotteryWest in Australia

LotteryWest is one of the biggest and most popular lotteries in Australia governed by the same name operator. The company got the highest certification from the world Lottery association. In the two years, 708 million AUD were received by its winners of all divisions. 

The West lotteries company is well-known for its charity agency for Healthway, the West Australian Government health promotion department, and the sponsorship of Lotterywest Perth Festival of films and music. 

History of LotteryWest 

Lotterywest obtained its license from the Australian Lotteries Commission in 1932 as the lotteries operator of Western Australia. The first Lotto draw was held in 1979 as the regional game of the classic 6-ball model. In 2004, it was changed to an analogy of Lott's Saturday Lotto. Particularly 2 supplementary balls were added. In 2006, the LotteryWest Lotto expanded to South and Western Australia. In 2008, it appeared in Victoria, and in 2013, it came to Queensland.

How Are WA Lotto Draws Played?

The lotteries WA draws are held three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays at 8:00 p.m. Australian time. Sometimes the Saturday lotto is seen as a separate lottery. On each draw, six main winnings and two supplementary numbers are taken from a barrel of 45 balls. The prize size increases with a quantity of matched winning numbers. The player with a 6-number combination hits a jackpot. 

At the current time, most winnings amounts vary in these limits:

  • 6 balls - 1,000,000 AUD;
  • 5 balls + 1 sup. ball - from 5,000 to 15,000 AUD;
  • 5 balls - from 500 to 1,000 AUD;
  • 4 balls - from 20 to 30 AUD;
  • 3 balls (+ 1 sup. ball) - up to 20 AUD.

 The whole jackpot amount is paid to each winner. Sometimes West lotteries hold special draws:

  • Saturday superdraw with the division 1 prize of 20 million dollars. 40 million Nye mega draw.
  • Monday and Wednesday Cashcade with division price of 1 million AUD. If there are no Division 1 winners, all other divisions share the first prize.
  • Monday and Wednesday double win days in West lottery WA. All prices of divisions 2-6 are doubled automatically.

LotteryWest Odds

The winning odds of WA Lotto are determined by a chance of drawing several certain numbers in one combination. The bigger combination means fewer odds but bigger winning.

  • 6 balls - 1:8,145,060;
  • 5 balls + 1 sup. ball - 1:678,755;
  • 5 balls - 1:36,690;
  • 4 balls - 1:733;
  • 3 balls + 1 supplementary ball - 1:298;
  • 1 ball + 2 supplementary balls - 1:52.

On average, the odd for any winning is 1:42. 

Several games in one ticket and several tickets increase your odds. You need only 8 games of 6 balls to have all possible numbers into your ticket. 

West lotteries offer 2 types of system tickets that have extraordinary odds:

  • 4-5 balls when all possible extra numbers are added to a ticket;
  • 7-20 balls when the draw balls are matched with all numbers selected by a player.

How Much Does West Lotto Tickets Cost?

You can buy tickets for LotteryWest online and at land-based retail stores. On the site, you pay the exact ticket cost, retail stores may sell tickets at a bit higher prices because of trade margins.

Prices of LotteryWest tickets vary a lot depending on the following factors:

  • draw day, because tickets are cheaper on Mondays and Wednesdays and more expensive on Saturday;
  • game quantity from 4 to 50;
  • system game from 4 to 20.

The minimum Monday draw ticket with 4 games costs 2.40 AUD, and the Saturday lotto LotteryWest ticket with 50 games exceeds 41 AUD. 

The cheapest system 7 Monday ticket with 7 games costs 4.25 AUD, and the most expensive one is a Saturday system 20 ticket that has 38,760 games and can be purchased for about 32,000 AUD. You may read more details in the Cost-of-Entry brochure at the WA LotteryWest site.

All tickets can participate in one draw only. But you may save your favorite numbers on your account and choose them for every next draw.

Who Can Play LotteryWest?

Playing West lotteries is allowed to Australian residents only. Anyway, you need to be 18 years old to be allowed to play. The operator site requires verifying your driver's license or another identity document for registration and LotteryWest login. But to play and receive your winnings, you do not need to be an Australian citizen. Therefore, foreigners can buy Lotto tickets during trips to Australia or use mediator services when Australians legally buy tickets for them.

How to Buy LotteryWest Ticket?

LotteryWest tickets can be purchased at your player account on the official operator site, on mediator sites, and at lottery retail stores. 

To buy a ticket on the LotteryWest site:

  • click the blue Sign Up button;
  • enter all required data, upload a photo of your ID, create a password and login;
  • confirm the registration via email and log in to the site;
  • fund your bankroll with your credit card;
  • go to the buy tickets section;
  • select one of West lotteries;
  • choose a type of a ticket and your lucky numbers;
  • click the purchase button, and ticket cost will be taken from your bankroll;
  • wait for the draw.

How to Receive LotteryWest Prize?

In most cases, you may receive your winnings in the same places where you buy tickets. But bigger amounts have special claiming rules. In total, you may apply for your winnings as in the table below.

Payment Method

Ticket Kind 


Player account


Up to 500 AUD

Retail store


Up to 500 AUD



Up to 2,000 AUD

Bank account


Up to 2,000 AUD

Head Office 


From 501 AUD

Jackpots are paid at the Head Office only. To claim a jackpot, you have to contact the LotteryWest administration within 14 days after the lucky draw.

LotteryWest for Mobile

The LotteryWest site is created with universal HTML5 technologies and supports all devices, browsers, and main OSs. You may play on your smartphone and tablet using Android and iOS LotteryWest apps. 


What sets the physical lottery apart from the online lottery?

Physical lotteries are authorized retailers authorized to sell tickets by public or private lotteries. To collect your lottery prizes, you must go to them – typically small local businesses – fill out the paperwork, and handle the paper tickets with extreme caution. Online lotto draws are ones that let you participate from home and submit claims using tickets purchased online through websites offered by licensed lottery agents, distributors, or lottery betting sites.

What are SA X lotteries? Can I participate in them through Lottery Near Me?

You have the chance to win a piece of a Division 1 prize pool of an estimated $5 Million every Saturday by playing the Saturday X Lotto! Also, there are superdraws, boosted lottery SA games with a Division 1 prize pool of $20 Million or more. Unfortunately, Lotto Near Me doesn’t offer tickets for the Saturday X game lotto. Instead, you can participate in such play-from-home lotteries SA as Tatts online or Gold Lotto.

How will I get my prize money?

If you win a smaller reward, we will credit it to your account. If you win a larger prize, we will arrange for you to pick up your gift in person. Your whole gains are given to you commission-free!

Is it secure to participate in lotteries online?

As our many happy clients can attest, your online gaming is 100% safe with us. We guarantee your privacy and safeguard your personal data as well as account transactions.

Is there a global online lottery available?

Yes! You may play the lotto online with ease and enter the largest as well as most thrilling daily and weekly draws and even home lotto games whenever you choose.

What’s the biggest lotto prize a player has ever received?

The current world record is the 2.04 billion jackpot won in Powerball in November 2022.

How likely is it to win a lottery?

According to the game and the chosen numbers, different lottery odds apply. In a typical 6/49 lottery, there is a 1 in 13,983,816 chance that you will choose all six winning numbers. The odds for 5/70 games with an additional ball (1/25) are around 1 in 300,000,000.

How should I proceed if I won the lottery?

Online lotto Australia winnings for modest amounts are automatically deposited to your Lotto Near Me account. If you win more money, the operator will make arrangements for you to pick up your award in person. You must verify by dialing the lottery number or login into your account.

How do I choose my lottery numbers?

Choose random numbers for the lottery that are not consecutive or from the same group. Also, make an effort to avoid selecting the vast majority of digits between 1 and 31.

Which digits have the best chance of winning the lott?

There is an equal chance that any given number will be picked. For instance, the most popular Powerball numbers are 10, 39, 42, 28, 22, and 16. For other games, the set will differ.